Friday, August 3, 2012

Try not to tell people they don't exist.

The internet, and the world in general, would be a much better place if people stopped trying to tell other people that they don't exist. Next time someone tells you something about themselves and your automatic response is 'there's no such thing as people who...', consider, instead, 'I didn't know there were people who...'.

There are, in no particular order:
married monogamous bisexuals
polyamorous people who are in happy, healthy, stable, loving relationships
moral atheists
people whose real gender does not match their physical gender
people with no gender at all
people whose gender changes
people who are not sexually attracted to anyone
attractive female geeks
women who like to be wolf whistled at
good people in every category people
ass hats in every category of people
feminists who think, feel, say, and are pretty much anything
many countless types, categories, and groups of people I've never heard of our considered the possibility of the existence of. I hope that, if and when I do meet them, I'll remember not to tell them they don't exist.

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