Friday, April 6, 2012

Rambling thoughts on being an extrovert alone in public.

I like being out, alone, in places that have other people in them. I realised the other night that that is because of my extroversion, not despite it. I like short, reasonably meaningless, but pleasant interactions with strangers.

For example, that evening I had one conversation about queues, two about directions (the first one didn't really sink in) and one about the weather (I mean seriously, sleet and hail a week after that sunshine? Madness.).

I understand that these interactions would have been at best dull and and worst intimidating for many of my introverted friends, family and acquaintances. But I really enjoy them. I like those simple sharings of humanity. I know I make a good first impression in person, probably partly because I know it.  Talking to people usually makes us both smile and I like to think I've increased the sum total of happiness in the world, just a fraction.

Obviously, it's not as straightforward as 'I am an extrovert, therefore this is good'.  While I am one of the most extroverted people I know, no one is right at either end of that scale.  I also enjoy being alone in otherwise empty places, and time inside my own head.  But obviously, my reasons for that are different.

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